The mild onion flavor of chives can add a savory taste to many dishes. Learn how to use fresh chives from the garden, and enjoy this special herb.

Chives are edible perennial plants from the allium genus. Both the leaves and the blossoms can be eaten.

Chives are commonly used herbs, and are found growing in many gardens, alongside other vegetables and flowers.

Chive blossoms are edible and decorative, and using them is a great way to add creativity to any food display!

Chive leaves are dark green and plump, and full of juice when freshly cut.The stems which hold the flowers tend to be tougher, and are generally not eaten.

Use a pair of clean sharp scissors to harvest the chives. The chives will grow back, and you will be able to get several harvests or more from each patch every season.

Place the chive leaves on a cutting board and chop or cut into small pieces, approximately a quarter to an eighth of an inch in length.

Now let's have a look at some simple ways to use fresh chives. The first way is to make a savory chive butter.

Chive deviled eggs are fun and festive, and have a wonderful savory flavor. Garnish with paprika and chive blossoms.

Chive blossom vinegar is made with chive blossoms, which give the vinegar a wonderful savory flavor.

Chive cottage cheese is a childhood favorite, and can also be garnished with purple chive blossom petals.

Consider using fresh chives from your garden this season, for a perfect touch to your savory dishes.

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