Saving zinnia seeds at season's end is fun and easy to do. Learn how to save zinnia seeds, to grow these sweet flowers year after year in the garden.

Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers. They are great cut flowers and come in a variety of different colors.

Saving zinnia seeds can be a cost effective way to grow these sweet and colorful blooms. Zinnias are annual flowers and will need to be replanted every year.

Zinnias grown from seed will likely look different than the original plant, as these will be hybrids. They may however be more beautiful than the parent plant.

It really is interesting to see the variations in colors that you can get from saved seeds.

Whenever you harvest zinnia seeds, it is always best to harvest from mature spent blooms. Allow the blooms to mature on the plant before removing the seeds.

Harvest time for zinnia seeds is when the zinnia flowers have been allowed to age on the stem and dry in place for at least a month or longer after blooming.

Choose dried brown flower heads that have matured on the stem of the plant. You are looking for old flowers.

There is no rush to remove the seeds at this point, now that the blooms have been safely collected. You can set them aside to dry out further if needed.

Removing the zinnia seeds from the flowers is the next step. The first place you will find the seeds is at the end of the petals, where they are attached inside the flower.

You will also find zinnia seeds inside the centre disc, which is often full of seeds.

These zinnia seeds are attached to the flower petals. They are shaped like tiny arrowheads, and each seed pulls easily away from the petal itself.

From just one bloom you can collect multiple seeds in various shades of brown and beige. Most will be arrow shaped, although some will be oblong and slim as well.

This is a non viable zinnia seed. Mature zinnia seeds are firm and full. They are hard and will not bend.

It’s always important to dry your seeds after harvesting before storing them away. The seeds will stay good for a few years if stored properly.

Saving your own seeds can be such a rewarding experience. Zinnias are one of the best flowers and easiest flowers to grow.

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