Calla lilies are surprisingly beautiful flowers. Learn how to plant Calla lily bulbs, so that you can enjoy them this summer and every year.

Calla lilies, just like daylilies, are not actual lilies. These plants, also known by their botanical name zantedeschia, are perennials in warmer zones 9 and above.

These plants grow from rhizomes, which are shaped very much like bulbs all attached together. Many Identify the rhizomes as bulbs because of their appearance.

Calla lily rhizomes are very easy to divide.The bulb shaped protrusions can be broken off and separated from the original piece, if they are large enough.

Here you can see a piece split from the calla lily rhizome- make sure to allow to dry and heal before planting

Calla lilies can be grown in the garden or in a pot. Plant your Calla lilies at a depth of approximately 4 inches.

Plant in the right location for your area, in full sun or partial shade. You will get best blooming in a sunny spot.

Add some organic fertilizer or compost to the soil. We have been using all purpose 4-4-4 fertilizer with great results, and a little goes a long way.

Plant the rhizome smooth side down with planting tips facing upwards. Cover with soil and water in well.

Keep the soil moist, and water every few days. It won't take long before you see evidence of growth above the soil surface.

Calla lilies bloom within two to three months from planting. Some may bloom even later, at four months from planting, depending on the variety.

Make sure to dig up the rhizomes at the end of the growing season, and properly store for the winter if you are in zone 8 or less.

Calla lilies can last for decades, or longer. Plant them out every spring, and enjoy beautiful blooms year after year.

For more information, see the tutorial!