Making Birdseed Ornaments

Learn how to make birdseed ornaments, and fill your trees with delectable treats for the wild birds.

The ornaments are really cute, and make a thoughtful DIY gift for any bird lovers in your life.

The ornaments are made using different combinations of birdseed, along with other ingredients such as gelatin, flour, corn syrup or honey.

These ingredients are used to stick the birdseed together. Combined with water, the mixture can then be pressed into a shape.

While still moist, insert a string to enable the ornament to be hung from a tree branch after it is completely dry.

You can also make natural birdseed ornaments consisting of a natural ingredient garland.

We also made pinecone birdseed ornaments which were some of the easiest ornaments to make.

Making birdseed ornaments is a great way to feed the wildlife and local birds when food sources are scarce.

Read the full article for detailed directions for each type of birdseed ornament!