Learn how to make a diy flower press, to preserve your spring and summer blooms and use them as everlastings.

Pressing will preserve the flowers, for use in projects later on, when the gardening season is all done.

Making your own flower press is an inexpensive option for pressing, allowing for custom sizes, different wood types, and a custom made press.

Supplies You Will Need: 2 pieces of wood Sandpaper 4 three inch bolts A drill to make holes 4 washers and 4 wing nuts 2 pieces of cardboard 2 pieces of paper

Cut the wood to the desired size, then make holes in each corner, where the bolts will be threaded to hold the wood pieces together.

Next drill through the second piece of wood, making sure the holes are lined up correctly to the first. Use a pencil to match up the holes if needed.

Add the bolts to the flower press, first through one piece of wood, then through the other.

Next it’s time to slip a washer and a wing nut onto each bolt, to check the fit.

The outside of the flower press is now complete. The next step is to place the inner workings, the paper and the cardboard, inside the press itself.

Notch or cut the corners from the cardboard and paper, so that the pieces will fit inside the press.

Now it's time to press the flowers. They can be pressed in single or multiple layers, sandwiched together.

Start by placing your flowers on the paper, spacing them out so that they are not touching each other.

Some flowers are better for pressing than others, and some more easily retain their beautiful coloring.

Sandwich the flowers between the paper and cardboard, and press for about 30 days. Place the press in a warm dry location.

This diy flower press can be used to press lots of flowers at the same time, depending on the size of the press and the length of the bolts.

For more information see the tutorial!