Harvesting Milkweed Seeds

Learn how to harvest milkweed seeds, to increase your milkweed plantings and share the joy of milkweed with others.

Milkweed pods will begin to form after the milkweed flowers have been fertilized.

The appearance of milkweed pods will be dependent on the type of milkweed plant they come from.

Milk weed pods are ready to harvest when the color has turned from green to brown or yellow, and the seams of the pods start to open.

Harvest milkweed seeds when they are mature, but before they are released from the pods and float away in the breeze.

Consider using strategies to keep the pods from opening, so that you can harvest the seeds before they are lost.

One method is to band the seed pod with an elastic, which will keep it from bursting open and releasing the seeds.

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