Yarrow is a sweet romantic flower and herb with beneficial properties. Learn how to grow yarrow- it is much more than a common wildflower.

Yarrow, also known as achillea millefolium, is a wonderful cut flower that is very easy to grow.

Yarrow is a hardy perennial that grows well in usda hardiness zones 3 through to 9. It pretty much grows on it’s own without too much fuss or care.

If you look closely at the leaves of yarrow, achillea millefolium, you will see that the foliage is fernlike with many fine feathery leaves.

“Millefolium” means a thousand leaves, as does the common name for yarrow , which is “milfoil”.

It is very easy to grow yarrow from seed. The seeds are tiny and light, and as small as little flecks of ground pepper.

Yarrow seeds can be planted in cell trays indoors in winter, and then the seedlings can be planted out in spring.

Yarrow takes approximately 120 to 130 days to bloom from planting. That’s a little over four months.

Yarrow is a herbaceous perennial, that can return to the garden year after year. It also reseeds easily,  where it is planted.

Yarrow is not considered to be a cut and come again flower. It is considered to be a medium producer.

The bees and pollinators absolutely love this plant! Growing yarrow is a great way to attract beneficials to your garden.

Yarrow blooms for a fairly long time, for approximately a month in full bloom, then gradually decreases flower production.

Try growing yarrow in your garden this year, and experience these beautiful romantic blooms.

For more information see the tutorial!