Learn how to grow rhubarb from seed, and add new plants to your rhubarb patch.

Most people grow rhubarb from division of rhubarb crowns in early spring, however growing from seed is also a great option.

Just remember, each small seed has the potential to grow into a large plant, so you may not need to grow too many seeds if your garden is small.

Growing rhubarb from seed will allow you to grow a lot of plants to meet your rhubarb needs.

Rhubarb plants grown from seed will take longer to mature than those propagated by division.

When you grow rhubarb from seed, the seedlings will be hybrid plants, although similar to the parent plant, there may be subtle differences.

Sow rhubarb seeds in late winter or early spring. This allows the tiny seedlings to be planted and established in the garden before fall.

Rhubarb seeds germinate quickly, within several weeks. Once germinated, the young seedlings will grow quickly, so give them lots of space in their growing containers.

Plant the new rhubarb plants out into the garden, after your last frost date, and after the small plants have been hardened off.

Space the seedlings in the rhubarb patch at least three to four feet apart. This will allow for growth of a full sized plant at maturity.

In the spring of the second season after planting, you will be able to harvest some rhubarb stems.

Consider planting some rhubarb seeds this season, for a homegrown rhubarb patch!

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