Poppies are fabulous flowers to grow in the garden. Learn how to grow poppies from seed, and fill your garden with these delicate beauties.

Poppies are actually very hardy in the garden, and easy to grow from seed given the right growing conditions.

There are many beautiful and popular varieties of poppies which can be grown from seed.

Poppy plants which can be grown from seed include varieties from annual, biennial, and perennial poppy species.

Although perennial poppies return to the garden every year, the annual and biennial varieties often do as well by reseeding in late summer.

So plant poppies in your garden once, and there is a good chance that they will return to the garden year after year if they like where they are growing.

The length of time it takes a poppy to grow from seed to bloom depends on the type of poppy, and whether the poppy is an annual or a perennial.

Poppies are easy to grow from seed, and fairly easy to germinate with the right stratification process.

Direct seeding into the garden is the method of choice for planting poppies, with the best results.

Winter sowing is another great choice, as it allows for a natural stratification in the outdoor elements.

Starting seeds indoors is always an option if direct seeding can’t be done, however it is not the method of choice.

The main reason for that is that poppies don’t like root disturbance, which occurs during transplanting.

Poppy seeds need light to germinate, so make sure to scatter the seeds on the surface of the soil and do not cover.

Remember to keep the soil moist during germination, and do not allow to seeds to dry out during this period.

The great thing about sowing outdoors is that the seeds will germinate when the time is just right in your own growing area.

Poppies are easy to grow from seed, and are such wonderful flowers to have in the garden.

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