Perennial Bachelor Buttons are wonderful perennial plants which make a great addition to any garden, with their whimsical blue flowers.

Perennial Bachelor Buttons, Centaurea Montana, are often grown as garden plants, and have great potential to be grown as a cut flower.

Perennial Centaurea Montana comes back every year, and also self-seeds readily ensuring new plants for many years to come.

Centaurea Montana flowers are often found growing wild in meadows, along the edges of woodlands, next to old barns and elsewhere in the countryside.

These flowers are also found in the perennial garden, and this is where you will find them at our flower farm.

Perennial Bachelor Buttons are easy to grow. Increase your stock by dividing your plants in spring or in autumn every three years or so.

You can also propagate by growing from seed, just like the annual variety. The seeds are easily winter sown as well.

Flowering time is late spring to early summer in most areas. Cut back after flowering, so that the plants will rebloom again in the fall with a second flush of blooms.

Perennial Bachelor Buttons are easy to grow, and are a great choice for any gardener looking to grow these wonderful flowers.

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