Cut and come again flowers are long blooming annuals that produce new stems all season long, rewarding us with a bountiful harvest.

They are a special group of flowering plants that have an extended growing period in the garden.

These plants are called cut and come again flowers, because the more they are cut from, the more they will grow and come again.

Cutting stems from these flowers stimulates growth of new stems, rewarding the gardener with a bountiful harvest.

Perennial and biennial flowers on the other hand, tend to be less productive, and generally have a limited bloom time depending on the specific plant.

Cut and come again flowers offer extra value in terms of production as compared to the rest.

Some examples of cut and come again flowers, include zinnias, gomphrena, cosmos, dahlias, phlox, scabiosa, statice, strawflower, and sweet peas, just to name a few.

Cut and come again flowers are the workhorses of the cutting garden, producing flowers all season long.

Most produce beautiful flowers, and some also produce foliage that looks great in floral arrangements as well.

The plants will save you time and money, because you can grow them in a small space, plant less plants, and still have plenty of flowers throughout the gardening season.

Most cut and come again flowers are magnets for beneficial insects, and are great for the garden.

In colder climates it may be beneficial to start some of these prolific bloomers from seeds indoors, and to plant them out in spring.

Try adding some of these flowers to your cut flower garden, and experience the abundance of bountiful summer blooms.

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