Learn how to dry yarrow, and preserve these romantic blooms for use in dried flower arrangements and other everlasting projects.

Yarrow is a wonderful disc shaped flower that can be used in both fresh and dried forms. Yarrow flowers dry very well, and look great as everlasting blooms.

Flowers are best picked at maturity, when they are in peak bloom, for the best color. Choose a bright color if possible, as the flowers tend to fade as they mature and dry.

The best stage at which to pick yarrow for drying is when the flower heads are mature and the blooms become stiff.

Avoid picking yarrow when the flowers still have a lot of unopened buds, or the flower heads are soft, because these blooms are more at risk for wilting.

Rather, pick at maturity for best results, when the flowers are firm and open, and before they start to fade.

Pick yarrow flowers in the early morning, when the blooms are the most hydrated. As well, harvest on a dry day, when it is not raining or misty.

Strip all leaves from the bottom two thirds of the plant, which helps to keep the flowers hydrated, allowing more moisture to remain in the bloom.

To get the flowers into shape, and into their peak condition prior to drying, condition them as you would any other cut flower.

There are several methods for drying yarrow, all of which are fairly easy to do, and involve simple techniques.

The first method of drying yarrow is by air drying while hanging to dry, and involves drying the whole stem while preserving the disc shaped flower head.

Another way to air dry flowers is to dry the flowers upright in a vase, although this method is not as successful as drying upside down.

Pressing is yet another way to dry yarrow flowers. Pressing will create a pressed and lacy bloom, to use in many everlasting projects.

The final method for drying yarrow is to dry the flowers with silica gel. Use these dried flowers in projects such as decorative wreaths, or smaller arrangements with wired stems.

Consider drying some yarrow this season, to preserve your beautiful blooms.

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