Learn how to dry lilacs, to preserve these romantic blooms.

Have you ever wondered if you can dry the delicate blossoms of lilac flowers?

The process is certainly not straight forward, due to the high moisture content of the flowers, however it is possible.

The flowers tend to turn brown over time, depending on the drying method.

Although the flowers do not dry as easily as some, it’s worth an attempt to dry the blooms, and to preserve them for just a little longer.

There are a number of different methods to use to dry the lilac flowers

Lilacs can be air dried and hung from a drying line or drying rack, or even hung from hooks or knobs if the location is right.

Lilacs can also be pressed with a wooden flower press, pressed into an old book, or pressed with a microwave press.

Drying lilacs in silica gel is an easy way to dry fresh lilacs, and the fastest method to use.

Lilacs dried in silica gel should not be eaten however.

Dried lilacs can be used in crafting and potpourri projects

Dried lilac flowers can be placed in sachet bags with essential oil.

Pressed lilac flowers can be used to make homemade cards.

By preserving your lilac flowers through the drying process, they will last just a little bit longer, to be cherished and enjoyed.