Learn how to dry goldenrod, and preserve these wonderful plants for herbal and culinary purposes, to use throughout the seasons.

In late summer and early fall, the goldenrod begins to bloom. The goldenrod plant often grows in large groupings, and makes quite a statement with it’s bright golden blooms.

Goldenrod is a native plant, found in North and South America, as well as throughout Northern Africa, Europe, and Asia.The plant has many different species.

Goldenrod helps to supply important nutrients for honey bees late in the season, when most other flowers in the garden have finished blooming.

Goldenrod also has herbal and culinary benefits.The plant can be harvested and dried for tea, and used to make other herbal products.

Goldenrod can also be used in flower arrangements, both in it's fresh and dried forms

Although goldenrod can be used both fresh and dried, drying the flowers and leaves preserves the plant for later use.

As well, certain herbal applications such as oils and salves require that the  herb be used in it’s dried form, to prevent the products from turning rancid.

Harvest goldenrod from flowers which have just opened, and are in their prime state. Be sure to harvest on a dry day, to help prevent dampness of the blooms.

Choose organic locations for the safest collection. The best time of day to harvest is in the morning when the plants are the most hydrated.

One of the easiest ways to dry goldenrod flowers and leaves is to bunch them and air dry by hanging them upside down. Air drying will allow you to dry many bunches at once.

Make sure that your drying location is dry and warm. Allow to dry for several weeks, until the flowers and leaves are dry and crispy.

The dried goldenrod flowers become lighter and fluffy in appearance after drying.

Drying goldenrod in the food dehydrator is a faster drying method. Dry at 125°F for up to 4 hours, until completely dry and crispy.

Store dried goldenrod flowers and leaves in an airtight container, such as a glass jar with an airtight lid. A glass mason jar is a perfect storage container.

Consider harvesting and drying some goldenrod this season, to preserve this wonderful plant for use, in all it’s herbal goodness.

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