Learn how to collect and save zinnia seeds, to grow them year after year in your garden.

Zinnias produce loads of viable seeds at the end of the growing season. Be sure to collect some to plant out next year.

It is so easy to collect seeds from zinnia flowers. Just make sure that the seeds mature on the spent blooms before collecting.

Harvest the spent zinnia blooms when they are brown and dry. The seeds will be mature at this stage.

The seeds are arrow shaped. You will find some seeds at the ends of the petals.

You will also find some seeds deep inside the center disc of the zinnia flower.These seeds may be shaped slightly different.

Each zinnia flower can produce hundreds of seeds. Imagine your garden if all these seeds are planted!

Zinnias grown from seed you collect will be hybrid flowers. They may be similar to, or different than the parent plant.

It's so much fun to collect and save zinnia seeds, and then wait for the flowers to bloom.

Zinnias make beautiful bouquets of colorful blooms. You will have lots of flowers to chose from if you plant your seeds.

For more information on collecting zinnia seeds, check out the blog post tutorial for details! 

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