Lilac seed pods form, after the lilac blooms have faded. Learn how to save lilac seeds, and start new plants from your lilac bush.

Lilacs are such an amazing cut flower. The fragrant blooms are intoxicating, and the flowers are beautiful and easy to arrange in the vase.

Saving lilac seeds will allow you to grow lilac plants for free, and add lots more lilacs to your garden.

Lilacs grown from seed are hybrids, and are not the same genetically as the parent plants.

Lilac seed pods are formed in early spring, after the new growth has formed on the bush, and the lilac flowers have bloomed.

If the lilac blossoms are pollinated, small seed pods will begin the form where the blossoms had grown.

When the pods reach maturity, they begin to open up at the top, slowly separating in half to reveal the seeds inside.

After the pods become fully open and dry, the lilac seeds inside are dislodged, and fall to the ground to make new plants.

Allow the seed pods to mature on the plant, however harvest the pods before the seeds become dispersed.

Lilac seeds can be stored in an envelope in a cool and dry location, until they are ready to undergo cold moist stratification, prior to planting.

Propagation by seed is a less common way to propagate lilacs, as the new hybrid plants will take longer to bloom. However, you can grow many more plants.

Saving lilac seeds will allow you to grow lilac plants in an economical way.The seeds provide an opportunity to grow many lilac plants from your favorite lilac tree.

Remember, the new plants will be hybrids, so you may end up growing a new and special lilac cultivar.

Consider saving some lilac seeds for growing this season, from your favorite lilac bush.

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