Learn how to propagate rhododendron from cuttings, and fill your garden with beautiful rhododendron plants.

Rhododendron are easy to propagate from cuttings using the right techniques and care throughout the rooting process.

These propagation techniques for growing rhododendron from cuttings will also apply to evergreen azaleas.

Take cuttings from semi hardwood rhododendron growth, which is a few months old, for best rooting success.

Rooting rhododendron cuttings successfully is actually quite easy, if you use the right techniques.

It will take several months to know if you have been successful, as the cuttings remain green and fresh, long after they have been removed from the plant.

Tools You Will Need: -a planting tray -soilless potting mix -rooting hormone  -sharp cutting shears -a misting bottle filled with water -a humidity dome

Snip the stems at approximately 4 inches from the tip of the stem. Make sure to snip below a leaf node for best success with the rooting.

Cut each leaf in half to reduce the surface area of the leaves, to help prevent transpiration and moisture loss of the leaves.

With a very sharp knife and using a shallow upward cut, shave off a thin layer of bark at the bottom of the cutting, on each side of the stem.

Prepare the planting container, and dip the cutting in rooting hormone, covering the shaved parts as well as the leaf nodes.

Plant the cuttings into the container with sterile growing medium, and firm the soil down. Water in.

Apply a humidity dome with some ventilation, and mist the plants.Secure to the pot with an elastic band.

Spray the cuttings from time to time with a spray bottle of water. Keep the cuttings in a humid environment while they are rooting.

It can take up to 6 months to a year for root formation to occur, depending on the type of rhododendron you are rooting.

For more information see the tutorial!