Learn how to plant hyacinth bulbs, and fill your home and spring garden with these bright and cheerful fragrant blooms.

Hyacinths are highly fragrant perennial spring flowers which grow from bulbs in spring.

Growth occurs after the bulbs have been exposed to a 3 to 4 month cold period, followed by exposure to warmth and moisture.

Be careful when touching hyacinth bulbs directly with your fingers, as they can cause a skin irritation.

Plant hyacinth bulbs into the garden in fall, when the temperatures have cooled down, and before the ground freezes.

Plant the hyacinth bulbs 6 inches deep, with the pointed end up, and the root surface at the bottom of the bulb facing down.

Make sure that the bulbs are not sitting in water, because this can lead to bulb rot.

The bulbs planted out into the garden in fall will wake up when the warmer weather arrives.

Hyacinths are some of the earliest blooming bulbs in the garden.

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