Preserving some of your rhubarb by making jam is a great way to enjoy this wonderful seasonal vegetable, in and off season.

There are a number of ways to make rhubarb jam, and we will be comparing two of them.

Rhubarb contains a small amount of pectin. Adding additional pectin is not necessary, as the jam can be made with just rhubarb and sugar alone.

However pectin can be added to give the rhubarb jam a more gelled consistency, and there are a number of ways that this can be done.

Ingredients for rhubarb jam without pectin: * 6 cups of chopped rhubarb * 1 cup of white sugar

First start with the process of maceration, to draw the juice from the flesh of the rhubarb. This juice is then used to start the rhubarb jam.

Strain the rhubarb chunks through a strainer, removing the juice from the fruit.

This strained rhubarb juice from macerating the rhubarb pieces, will be used as the base for the rhubarb jam.

Boil the rhubarb juice for several minutes, then add the rhubarb pieces back into the pot.

Cook for five to ten minutes on medium to high heat until the rhubarb softens completely and the mixture becomes thick.

Pour into canning jars, and place lids on the jars. Boil for ten minutes using a water bath canner for further safe preservation and a longer shelf life

Ingredients for rhubarb jam with pectin: * 6 cups of chopped rhubarb * 2 cups of white sugar *juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon

The directions of the second jam are similar to the first. The only difference is the addition of the lemon, and the increased sugar amount.

Add the lemon when you are adding the sugar to the chopped rhubarb, as you are preparing to macerate the mixture.

Follow the same step by step process for the previous jam without pectin, for cooking and storing.

The jam with pectin has a gelled texture compared to the first, which is a result of adding pectin from the lemon. It's also much sweeter.

For more information see the recipe!