Learn how to make lilac sugar, a wonderful addition to your spring pantry. The sugar is an amazing infusion of fresh lilac petals and sugar.

Lilacs are edible flowers which can be used in all sorts of culinary delights, including this delicious lilac sugar.

Harvest the blossoms when they are mostly open. The open blossoms are the most aromatic, and will provide the best flavor.

Lilac sugar is a fresh blossom infused sugar, made when the blossoms are in season, and then used throughout the rest of the year.

This sparkling sweet treat has a wonderful flavor and adds a special touch to baked goods and other foods.

To prepare the lilac blossoms, pull them from the stems, making sure not to pull off the green parts, which are hard and woody.

Picking the lilac blossoms will take a bit of time, however it's also a fragrant and relaxing experience.

Pick approximately one cup of fresh blossoms for this recipe, making sure to pick only the open blossoms.

You will also need about one and a quarter cups of white cane sugar, to layer with the lilac petals.

Layer the sugar and petals in the mason jar. Start with a layer of sugar, then add a layer of petals, continuing to layer until you have used up your ingredients.

Make sure that there is some room at the top of the jar to be able to shake daily, to keep the sugar from clumping.

Cover the mixture and keep in a cool dark place for a week.The lilac petals will turn brown as they dry, and this is a natural part of this process.

At the end of a week, your sugar will be ready. This delicious lilac sugar will last for a year.

Enjoy and be creative with this delicious sweet treat!

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