Pressing flowers is an ageless and creative form of floral art. Learn how to press flowers to preserve them in their pressed state.

Pressed flowers are dried flowers that are preserved by the process of being pressed flat.

The preservation of the flowers and leaves occurs as they are pressed, and the moisture in the cells of the blooms and foliage is removed.

Dried flowers have a beauty that is magnified in their dried state. They offer a different version of their fresh self, and are beautiful in their very own way.

Not all flowers are equal in their ability to shine and be preserved by the pressing process.

Flowers with lower water content can be dried more quickly, be preserved more efficiently, and are the best flowers for pressing.

There are a number of different ways or techniques that you can use to press flowers, and we will review five different methods.

Pressing flowers with a book is a romantic technique practiced for generations.

Flower presses are much more practical for pressing flowers, as they allow you to directly apply pressure to your flowers with the flower press setup.

Pressing flowers with a weighted object is another option for pressing the blooms.

Pressing with heat is another option, such as using a microwave press. This method is a bit trickier.

Pressing flowers with an iron can also be done, however it is the least predictable method of pressing.

Pressed flowers can last for years with a bit of extra care. Keep them out of sunlight, and store in an area free of moisture and humidity.

For more information on pressing flowers, be sure to check out the tutorial!