It's important to know how late you can plant sunflower seeds, so that you can grow your plants to maturity.

To know the latest date that you can plant sunflowers, you must first identify the growing time for the variety of sunflowers being planted.

Next you should determine the first expected fall frost date for your growing zone.

To find the latest sunflower planting date, count back the number of growing days from the date of your first fall frost.

If you have unpredictable frosts, be aware that your late planted sunflowers may be at risk to frost damage by an earlier than expected frost.

Sunflowers are tough plants with long tap roots. They are one of the easiest flowers to grow if planted in the right way and in the right spot.

The direct planted sunflowers are the best, most sturdy and rigorous growing if they are able to establish their roots in place without disruption.

Sunflower seeds need warm soil to germinate, so plant when soil temperatures begin to warm.

Sunflowers will bloom for several weeks, after the blooms finally open up, and with the right care.

If growing for cut flowers, the best time to pick the flower is just as it starts to open, and you can see the flower petals starting to lift.

Single stem sunflowers will bloom only once. Branching sunflowers will produce multiple stems which will open up in succession.

In order to have sunflower blooms for a longer period throughout the growing season, you can also succession plant the single stem sunflower seeds on a weekly basis.

For more information on how late you can plant sunflower seeds, be sure to check out the tutorial!