Zinnias grow well in containers. Learn about zinnia care in pots, and get your sweet zinnia blooms off to a great start.

Zinnias are well adapted to grow in containers and pots, since they are heat loving plants.

When you plant zinnia flowers in pots you can place the flowers anywhere, and as long as they are in a sunny location, they should thrive and grow.

Choose any pot that you love, as long as it is big enough to accommodate your flowers, and also has good drainage.

If direct sowing zinnia seeds, wait until the risk of frost has passed.

If you start zinnia seeds indoors early, you will be able to transplant larger seedlings out into your pot, instead of just planting seeds.

If starting the zinnia seedlings indoors, make sure to harden off  the young plants before transplanting out.

It's also important to wait until the risk of all frost has passed, as these plants will perish in a late spring frost.

Follow the guidelines for spacing on your zinnia seed package, as spacing is variety dependent, and water in well after planting.

Zinnias thrive in full sunlight, so place the pot filled with zinnias in a warm sunny spot.

Zinnias grown in full sun are also less at risk to developing diseases, such as powdery mildew, which can occur in moist and shady locations.

The soil should be well drained, and allowed to dry slightly between waterings.

Zinnias are drought tolerant, however will quickly wilt when the soil becomes very dry.

If you notice wilting from lack of water, water immediately and deeply, and the plants should bounce right back if you have caught them in time.

The best way to keep your zinnias blooming is to deadhead the spent blooms. This will divert energy from seedmaking back into flower production.

Zinnias thrive in containers, and are a wonderful addition to container gardening. Spread the pots around the garden for a bright pop of color.

For more information on zinnia care in pots, see the full tutorial!