Viburnum oculus Roseum is an Old Fashioned Snowball Bush. Learn how to grow Snowball bush, and enjoy this heirloom plant in your own garden.

Viburnum opulus Roseum  was often grown in the gardens of our grandparents. It is one of the oldest known garden viburnums, and has been around for a very long time.

Opulus roseum is a deciduous flowering shrub.The flowers are beautiful and can be cut and brought into the house.

Viburnum Opulus Roseum can grow to be quite tall, and can reach a height and width of up to twelve feet.

The flowers are round with double three inch blooms, which start off as an apple green color and then gradually turn more creamy with undertones of green.

Roseum is a sterile cultivar, and will not produce any berries in the fall. This plant was originally known as Viburnum opulus ‘Sterilis’.

Viburnum species in general can be propagated easily by both softwood and hardwood cuttings.

Here is a small bouquet of snowball bush cuttings, and future bushes to be grown by propagation.

Dip the tip of the cutting into rooting hormone, and plant in a soilless medium. New roots will form within the next several months.

The best place to plant a Viburnum snowball bush is in full sun, for best growth and flowering.

Generally snowball bushes bloom from mid spring to early summer, and put on a beautiful display every year.

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