The scent of lilac flowers is intoxicating, and their fragrance will fill the air with a sweet perfume, when the plants are in full bloom.

Learn how to grow lilacs, romantic and ornamental shrubs, known for their beauty and intoxicating fragrance.

The shrubs can vary in size, depending on the cultivar, however the plants usually grow between 5 to 25 feet in height.

Lilac flowers are symbols of love and romance, and have been represented in art, literature, and even poetry throughout the ages.

The scent of lilacs is familiar, and calming, and creates a soothing effect on any who take a big whiff of the blooms.

Lilac foliage is medium green and simple, with heart shaped leaves arranged in opposite pairs.

Lilacs can be grown from seeds, suckers, or root shoots. Any lilacs grown from seeds will be hybrid plants.

Lilacs should be planted in a full sun location, at least 5 to 10 feet apart. Dwarf cultivars can be planted closer together, at 5 to 7 feet apart.

Lilacs grow best in fertile and humus rich soil which is high in organic matter.

Lilacs benefit from regular pruning, to remove old wood and improve air circulation.

Lilacs are hardy, tolerant, and easy to grow. They grow approximately 1 to 2 feet per year.

Lilacs can last for generations, up to 75 years, and possibly even longer. They are known for their longevity.

One of the best things about growing lilacs is to be able to use them as cut flowers every spring.

With a bit of patience and care, you will be able to enjoy these fabulous plants in your own backyard.