Growing lilacs from seed is just one way to propagate these fragrant plants.

Lilacs grown from seed may be similar or different than the parent plant, as these new plants will be hybrids.

At the end of the growing season, at just the right time, harvest the seed pods to ensure a collection of fresh and viable seeds.

Lilac seeds are found within the lilac seed pod. There are generally one or two seeds, and sometimes up to four.

Lilac seeds will require cold moist storage, to help to stratify the seeds and prepare the seed coats for germination.

Lilac seeds will require a period of cold moist storage for at least 40 to 60 days.

Here are some lilac seeds germinating after removal from cold storage.

Lilac seeds can be started indoors, after cold moist storage.

Lilac seeds can also be sown into milk jugs in late winter or early spring.

Lilac seeds planted in milk jugs are naturally stratified outdoors, and do not require cold storage prior to planting.

It will take time for tiny lilac seedlings to grow from seed to bloom.

Lilac seedlings may take 3 to 5 years before they have their first bloom, however it is well with the wait.

Consider planting some lilac seeds next season, and enjoy the results of your efforts, by producing many new and beautiful lilac plants.