Learn how to grow lavender from seeds indoors, to plant lots of lavender seedlings into the garden, once the warm weather arrives!

Growing lavender from seeds indoors is fairly easy, and you can do it if you have the right set up.

To grow lavender from seed successfully, you will need to provide consistent warmth and light, with bottom heat initially, and then consistent lighting for 12 to 16 hours per day.

You will need good quality lavender seeds, seedling trays to plant into, good quality seed starting mix, shelving on which to place the containers, a heat mat, and lighting.

Plant with fresh lavender seeds for best germination results.

You can use any type of seedling tray that you wish to use. You can use seedling trays, paper pots, small pots, or even soil blocks to plant the seeds into.

Any good sterile seed starting mix will do. We add a small scoop of All Purpose Fertilizer to our tub of potting mix, and mix well before filling the trays with the soil.

Plant the seeds and do not cover, as they require light for germination. Bottom water and place on heat mat, until 60 % of seeds have germinated.

Once the seeds have germinated, place the seed trays under the grow lights. Water regularly as needed.

Harden off lavender seedlings before transplanting out. This will help to acclimatize the seedlings to the outdoor environment.

Transplant your baby lavender seedlings outside once the risk of all frost has passed.

Lavender requires full sun, and good drainage. It grows best in a sheltered area, and will benefit from some form of winter protection in colder climates, like covering with burlap or leaf mulch.

If given the right growing conditions lavender will reward you with beautiful flowers within a couple of years.

   You may even have some blooms in your first year. Lavender will develop into a small shrub within a few years.

For more information see the tutorial!