Edible flower shortbread cookies are works of edible art. Learn how to make edible flower cookies, and awaken your nature inspired inner artist.

With edible flower cookies, the cookies are the canvas, and the flowers are the paint or medium.

You can use your fresh flowers from your own garden, as long as they are an edible variety.

Look for edible varieties to grow at your local nursery or garden centre. Pansies and violas are edible.

Some edible flowers hold up much better to the baking process than others. Pansies and violas do well, and hold their color, deepening in shades as they are baked.

The flowers will also shrink in size as they are baked, so keep this in mind if you are creating a design on your cookies.

Edible flowers can be baked onto the tops of your cookies, or placed onto the cookies without baking, by adding them on to freshly iced cookies, for a colorful garnish.

First prepare the shortbread cookies, and place them on a pan ready for baking. ( see the tutorial for the shortbread cookie recipe).

With a small paint brush or spoon, place a small amount of egg white onto the surface of the cookie, where you intend to stick the flower piece.

Adhere an edible flower in place, then cover the flower with more egg white to secure in place.

Just before baking, pop the tray of flowers into the fridge for fifteen minutes to cool the dough.

After the cookies have chilled for 15 minutes remove them from the fridge and bake. Allow to cool before removing them from the baking pan.

These cookies literally melt in your mouth with the first bite. They are light and airy, with a beautiful buttery flavor.

For more information, see the tutorial!