Drying flowers is a wonderful way to preserve your blooms. Learn how to dry flowers upside down, to enjoy dried flowers throughout the year.

Drying flowers upside down is one of the easiest ways to dry and preserve your blooms.

Suspending flowers upside down helps to maintain their form while they are going through the drying process.

It’s important to know the best stage to harvest the blooms for each flower type that you intend to harvest, as not all blooms have the same harvesting stage for drying.

Harvest the flowers when they are completely dry, after the morning dew has had a chance to evaporate off the blooms.

Remove most of the leaves from the stem, leaving a few at the top. Bunch the flowers together in small bunches of ten to thirty stems, depending on the flower.

Place an elastic band at the bottom of each bunch, to hold the stems together. This will help to prevent some flowers from slipping out onto the floor as they dry.

Ideally the space for drying flowers will be dark and warm, with good air flow. A low humidity environment is the best.

There are a number of different ways to dry flowers by hanging them upside down.

If drying in smaller amounts, you can hang suspended from a frame, or a hook.

If drying in larger amounts, it may be best to set up some lines or wires in a space that can accommodate hanging flowers.

Attach the bunches of flowers to the drying line by grabbing the elastic with a clothespin, then pinning to the line.

The flowers should be hung for approximately two weeks, until they are completely dried.

For more information on hanging flowers upside down to dry, including setting up a drying line, be sure to see the tutorial!